Doug & Denise together lost over 400 pounds and cured their Type 2 Diabetes

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Denise & Doug before surgery

Doug & Denise after surgery

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Our story is very personal

  • We thought we were OK: Today's culture had become too accepting of being overweight. "More of me to love" we used to joke to each other. 
  • Then the health problems emerged: Our doctors first warned us of rising blood sugar levels. No big deal. Just cut out desserts, we thought. But then came the prescriptions for high blood pressure and diabetes. That was just the beginning. 
  • Then came the pain: Foot pain, knee pain, back pain. Duh. If you're carrying an extra 100 pounds why whouldn't your body be complaining?
  • Then we met Reno's Dr Kent Sasse: We decided to get serious about losing the weight. We met Dr. Sasse and learned that metabolic surgery was our best option to lose the weight, reduce blood pressure AND bring Type 2 diabetes to an end. 
  • The cost of NOT doing the surgery: Before long realized that NOT doing the surgery was more expensive than doing it (medications, doctor visits, lost time at work). And the longer we waited the greater the damage that was being done to our bodies!
  • The results: We did the surgery (insurance covered it!), lost the weight, redced the high blood pressure and cured the Diabetes. We can't thank Dr. Sasse enough!

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